English Creative Writing Summer Camp 2015

Beirut campus

The Department of English, as part of an initiative by the School of Arts and Sciences, is organizing its first English creative writing summer camp, targeting Grade 11 students. This event is the only one of its kind in Lebanon, offering participants the chance to both improve their writing skills and possibly earn a scholarship to the B.A. in English program

Applicants will be asked to submit a short essay to the Department of English in which they express their ideas about creative writing, their experiences, and their expectations of the camp.

The number of participants is deliberately kept low, as only 15 students will be accepted, to ensure that each camper gets sufficient attention and guidance from the writer-instructor. During the camp, the accepted students will receive guidance and practice in basic skills and techniques in creative writing in English. 

Gradually, they will learn how to write better, express their ideas more effectively, and feel more confident in expressing themselves creatively. By the end of the camp, they will have produced a portfolio of their own writing to enter the competition. 

The instructor will judge the portfolios on the last day, Friday July 3, and will announce the results of the competition: the best 3 over-all will be awarded scholarships if they enroll in the English B.A. Program at LAU. The first prize is a 30% scholarship, the second is a 25% scholarship and the third is a 15% scholarship.