“Translational Bioinformatics”

Beirut campus, Byblos campus

The Department of Natural Sciences is hosting a seminar titled “Translational Bioinformatics,” to be given by Dr. Claude Chelala, head of the Bioinformatics Unit at Barts Cancer Institute of the Queen Mary University of London.

Bioinformatics is a new interdisciplinary area involving biological and computer sciences. It enables researchers not only to manage, analyse, mine and understand high-throughput data but also to integrate these in their current research program. The need for bioinformatics has become ever more important as new technologies increase the already exponential rate at which biological data is generated. During my talk I will introduce bioinformatics and examples of it use to access and harness large complicated high-throughput data and uncover meaningful information that could be used to understand molecular mechanisms and develop novel targeted therapeutics and diagnostic tools. I will also present some of the database/software projects and computational work at Barts Cancer Institute.

This seminar will be available in Frem 203 on the Byblos campus and Dr. Najla Attieh 1301 on the Beirut campus.

All are welcome to attend.