The Government and Politics of Turkey

Nicol Hall 222, Beirut campus

The Department of Social Sciences and the Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution are hosting a discussion with Jana Jabbour under the theme of a comparative analysis of Turkish Political History, Government and Politics.

Jabbour holds a Ph.D. in Political Science and International Relations. She is a lecturer at Sciences Po Paris and a research associate at Centre de Recherches Internationales (CERI) and Institut de Recherches sur le Moyen-Orient (IREMMO), where her research and publications mostly focus on the MENA region’s political economy and international relations.

Jabbour is co-founder of a research group on “Rising powers in the international system” whose aim is to examine the role of the BRICS and other rising middle powers in world governance. She is published in prominent journals such as the European Journal on Turkish Studies and Confluences Méditerranée.

This event is part of Associate Professor Imad Salamey’s class titled “Comparative Political Systems”.

All are welcome to attend.