Engineering Introduction to Implementation Science, the Birth of Eternal Jobs

Medical School Auditorium, Byblos campus

The School of Engineering is organizing a seminar, as part of its Research Seminar Series, titled “Introduction to Implementation Science - the Birth of Eternal Jobs” and given by Karim C. Boustany, assistant professor of Industrial Engineering. 

Does the world offer you the latest technological advancements available to humankind? Do your textbooks contain the latest knowledge attained by researchers around the globe? Have your research findings truly changed the world at the level and speed you had dreamed of? Do your ideas face any difficulties being translated into tools that people can use in order to enhance their lives? What does the supply and distribution chain that helps implement today’s discoveries in tomorrow’s market look like? 

This multi-disciplinary seminar will feature discussions about the emerging field of Implementation Science, the missing link that might help you pioneer within your own field of study. All are welcome to attend.