Symposium: “Translation, a Process of Knowledge Construction”

AKSOB 903, Beirut campus

The Translation Program at the Department of Humanities is organizing a symposium titled “Translation: a Process of Knowledge Construction”.

Translation is an educational process that assists people of different cultures to comprehend and appreciate each other’s distinctive beliefs and values, thus reducing social tension and resolving conflicts. This symposium discusses translation techniques and the role of translators as mediators engaged in constructing linguistic, cultural, and content knowledge. 

Nuwar Diab, director of the Translation Program and Paul Tabar, chair of the Department of Humanities will be welcoming addressees, followed by speakers Gina Abou Fadel Saad, Hoda Moukannas, Jean Jabbour, Michelle Hartman, as well as translation students who will present their senior projects in progress.

Click here for more information on the program of the symposium. All are welcome to attend.