Fibonacci, Fractals and Cymatics

AKSOB 904, Beirut campus

The Department of English is hosting a lecture titled “Fibonacci, Fractals and Cymatics: An Unveiling of Man’s Disharmonious Existence?” by Deema Dakakni. 

The Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical model used to describe various phenomena in math, engineering, art and nature as well as music. The numerical patterns of the Fibonacci sequence lend themselves to the golden ratio, or Phi, yielding spirals, self-similar curves and music fractals. The latter, music fractals, when run in harmony with the Fibonacci sequence and through the given corpus of literature and research, seem to indicate a positive influence on the vibrational energy patterns of DNA, cells and the human brain. Similarly, cymatics, a study of sound wave phenomena, posits that sound waves generated according to certain patterns may stimulate healing at the cellular and genetic level, yield creativity and enhance performance.

Hence, this presentation aims to acquaint its audience, students and faculty alike, of the importance of the nature-made Fibonacci sequence, more so in the world of music fractals, and how this would yield calm, compassion, creativity-and more so-healing.