IMF’s Role in the Wake of the 2011 Transformations

Science 608, Byblos campus

The Department of Social Sciences and the Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution are hosting a seminar titled “IMF’s Role in the Arab Region and Lebanon in the Wake of the 2011 Transformations” and presented by Najla Nakhle, economist of the IMF local office in Beirut.

Nakhle has been the Economist of the IMF local office in Beirut since 2008. Prior to that, she worked as an economist for a World Bank project at the Ministry of Education and was a research analyst at a private bank. She is furthermore an Economics teacher at the International College and has previously taught at AUB and the Antonine University. Nakhle holds a Master’s in Financial Economics from AUB. Her publications include: Sustainability and Equity Challenges: Some Arithmetic on Lebanon’s Pension System; Designing a Fiscal Framework for a Prospective Commodity Producer: Options for Lebanon; Lebanon, Insurances and the Stock Exchange—Yet Underdeveloped Sectors; Poverty, Social Safety Nets and Subsidies in Lebanon; and Lebanon: Real GDP Growth Analysis. 

The seminar takes place in the framework of Assistant Professor Tamirace Fakhoury’s course on International Organizations (POL 331) in Byblos. A videoconference will be held simultaneously in Beirut in Nicol Hall 222.