SAP ERP Training for Faculty

AKSOB, computer lab 13th floor, Beirut campus

Interested faculty members can still register by sending an e-mail to or

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Enterprise Resources Planning is a term used for a software that controls whole organizations with different departments. It is a solution that includes the traditional materials planning, distribution and order-entry functionality strengthened by capabilities like customer relationship management (CRM) and human resources management (HRM). 

SAP, a multinational company among the top ERP software systems.

The SAP ERP Course gives our students the chance to understand how an ERP system, specifically the SAP, is able to optimize the organization’s business by integrating several processes in the business transaction lifecycle. In addition, this course will provide our students with a hands-on experience on how to conduct a complete business process starting from manufacturing till sales and distribution. Furthermore, this course will help our students understand that these software applications are becoming mainstream; that is, including the entire main and core business processes that an organization depends upon. If they learn ERP, they would be aware of how it will affect them and help them in their career, regardless of what concentration their business degree is.

The SAP University Alliance program is a major breakthrough in the education of ERP systems. It provides the university faculty with necessary resources (mainly case studies and learning hubs) to teach students how the business processes are integrated in the SAP system. The alliance is one of the largest academic/business collaborations in the world. Each year, thousands of students are introduced to a real world business management application through the program. With University Alliance resources, the student learning experience is enhanced while interest in learning about ERP is increased.