Symposium: “Earth Day Concerns in Lebanon”

AKSOB 903, Beirut campus

The Department of Natural Sciences is hosting a symposium titled: “Earth Day Concerns in Lebanon”. 


2:30-2:45          Inauguration

2:45-3:20         ”Pharmaceutical Waste Management in Lebanon: Immobilization in Recycled Plastic Material” by Dr. Walid Saad, American University of Beirut

3:25-4:00         ”Solid Waste Management Planning - A Complex Journey with Potential Solutions” by Mr. Shawki Srour, Dar El-Handeseh

4:05-4:40         ”On the Path to a Zero Waste Society” by Eng. Ziad Abi Chaker, Cedar Environmental Co.

4:45-5:20         ”Analyzing Leachate from Various Landfills in Lebanon” by Dr. Christian Khalil, Lebanese American University

5:25-6:00         ”Biodiversity in Lebanon” by Mr. Mohamad Al ZeinLebanese American University

6:00-6:30         ”Materials Science Students Projects” by Chemistry of Materials students supervised by Dr. Ahmad Kabbani, Lebanese American University