Media and Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut 2016

Irwin Theatre, Beirut campus

The Institute of Media Research and Training at LAU is hosting its annual Media and Digital Literacy Academy of Beirut (MDLAB) this summer.

MDLAB aims to advance digital and media literacy education in the Arab region by training a generation of academics, students and activists to develop locally rooted media literacy curricula and digital platforms. MDLAB’s program is focused on building innovative media literacy projects regarding conflict, youth radicalization, and stereotypes as well as cyber and civic activism in the region.

During the two-week Academy, students and academics from the region will engage in lectures, workshops and hands-on activities led by renowned Arab and international experts, including Henry Jenkins, Paul Mihailidis, Susan Moeller, Yasmine Dabbous, Khaled Nassar, Moses Shumow, and Jad Melki. For the first time, this year’s Academy will host a number of high school students and teachers.

The Academy will also screen the award-winning documentary “Fallen Television,” a documentary by Maya Majzoub that critiques the Lebanese television culture, highlighting the ideological dominance of sectarianism and commercialism. It tackles the complex array of geopolitical, sectarian, economic and cultural factors that shape Lebanese television discourse.

All lectures are free of charge and open to the public. Click here for more information on the program of the Academy.

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