The Role of Civil Society in Lebanese Politics

Sage 06, Beirut campus

The Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution and the Department of Social Sciences and are hosting a lecture titled “The Role of Civil Society in Lebanese Politics” by Mrs. Randa Yassir.

Yassir, an advocacy and media specialist, volunteered to raise awareness for women and men about gender equality. She believes that her role as a journalist since 1997 is to promote social causes, especially those related to women, youth and children’s rights, through traditional and social media. She has worked for more than 15 years as an editor, anchor, journalist and consultant in the fields of media, communication, advocacy, training and projects design and management. She joined the team of the United Nations Information Center (UNIC), after which she dedicated all her time for directing a Civil Society Organization (CSO) that she established back in 2007, SMART Center for Media and Advocacy. She still enjoys providing training sessions and workshops for professionals and beneficiaries in rural areas. As a believer of the role of women in politics and decision making, she ran for 2013 parliamentary elections and kept on supporting many women candidates and leaders through different projects implemented by SMART Center in Lebanon and the MENA region. She also supports and participates in different strategy and action plans for democratic elections in Lebanon and the Arab world. Yassir has a B.A. in Journalism and her recent diplomas were achieved from USA , France, the Netherlands, and Jordan. She founded and has been board member and executive manager for different Lebanese NGOs. She was elected vice president of MEPI-LAA (2011-2014) and re-elected as board member for the present MEPI-LAA board (till 2017). She is proud to be an LDF 2011 Alumna (USA program). She also represented her country and participated in many local, regional and international conventions, trainings and conferences.

This event is part of Associate Professor Imad Salamey’s class titled “Lebanese Government and Politics”.

All are welcome to attend.