Stay Aware Alumni Lecture Series: Parenting Skills

AKSOB 904, Beirut campus

As part of its Stay Aware Alumni Lecture Series, the Alumni Relations Office is organizing a lecture titled “Parenting Skills” by Marital and Family Therapist and Psychotherapist Raed Mohsen, Ph.D.

Mohsen is a communication expert and consultant. He regularly conducts corporate workshops and training seminars on conflict management and resolution, team building, as well as parenting skills. He is specialized in human communication and marital and family therapy. Mohsen is currently the Dean of Students at LAU, Beirut. Prior to his appointment, he chaired the Communication Arts Department at LAU, Beirut. He has his clinical social work practice counseling adolescents, couples, and families. He had a tri-weekly TV morning segment addressing social, marital, and familial issues.

Mohsen holds a Ph.D. in Interpersonal and Public Communication, a Master of Arts in Political Science - Public Administration, a Bachelor of Arts in Interpersonal and Public Communication from Bowling Green State University, and a Master of Social Work from Gallaudet University where he also taught for seven years in the Department of Communication Arts.

Topics to be covered in the

  • Communicating love and acceptance to children
  • Dealing with oppositional children
  • Children see, children do!
  • Benefits of Extracurricular Activities
  • The importance of school grades
  • Drugs
  • Sexual abuse
  • Pornographic sites/movies
  • Intimate relationships

The lecture will be followed by a reception. Register at or 009611786456 ext. 1136.