Fall Major Theatre Production: Majhoolat Al Nabi (The Prophet’s Anonym)

Gulbenkian Theatre, Beirut campus

A collective creation

Adapted and directed by: Omar Moujaes

Original Script by: Dr. Salim & Tija Mujais

Written by: Monda Riachy


Inspired from the real life of Gibran Kahlil Gibran, “The Prophet’s Anonym” takes place in a fantastical universe, whereby Gibran, on board a ship, encounters three muses as he travels to the mythical western city of Orphalese in search of a book containing knowledge of a cure for his mother and brother’s illness and a way to find the love of his life, May Ziade.

Artistic Team

Scenographer/Set & Poster Designer       Tiffany Moujaes

Lighting Designers                                           Mizyed Azrai & Khaled Abi Jomaa

Costume Designer                                            Mony Moujaes

Make-Up Designer                                            Lama Saab

Choreographer                                                    Yara Nasrani

Sound Designer                                                  Ramzi Madi

Music Composers                                              “Fer’et Aa Nota” band: Raghid Jureidini & Maria Bchara

CG Artist (Trailers)                                             Ryan Ghossein


Tickets at L.L. 10,000 - L.L. 15,000 available at Gulbenkian Ticket Booth

Tel: 01-78 64 64 / 03-79 13 14 ext.1172