Book Talk: “Lebanon on Screen: The Greatest Moments of Lebanese Television and Pop Culture”

211 E. 46th Street, New York

The New York Academic Center is hosting a book talk during which Zaven Kouyoumdjian will discuss his new book “Lebanon on Screen: The Greatest Moments of Lebanese Television and Pop Culture”. 

In his best-selling book, Zaven reconstructs Lebanon’s collective memory through pop culture, arguing that television has played a major role in:

- uniting the Lebanese and forging a single national identity,
- promoting diversity and modernism,
- pushing cultural and social boundaries in Lebanese society,
- promoting Lebanon and the Lebanese dream in the Arab world.

The book offers insights into the history and evolution of Lebanese television from 1959 to 1990, which was considered a golden age period. Using rare and iconic photos, it illustrates the greatest moments of Lebanese TV in news, talk shows, series, sports, and entertainment.

Zaven Kouyoumdjian is a Lebanese television celebrity, talk show host and producer, who was named by Newsweek magazine in 2005 as one of 43 most influential people in the Middle East. He is also a media consultant, researcher and lecturer at various universities and media institutions in Lebanon. 

After graduating from the Lebanese American University, Zaven began his career as a news reporter at Tele Liban, Lebanon’s state run television. In 1999, he moved to Future Television to launch his renowned pan Arab, top rated, talk show - Sire Wenfatahit - which became the longest running Arab social talk show (1999-2012). Sire Wenfatahit specifically focused on gender role issues as well as on introducing modern values and lifestyles. Being the first Arab show to receive live emails and interact with online audiences, Zaven has contributed to bridging the gaps between television and new emerging media.

Zaven has written three other books: Lebanon Shot Twice, which featured untold stories from the Lebanese civil war, A Witness on Society, and God Bless Your Evening

This event is co-hosted with the Consulate General of Lebanon in New York. Click here for registration details.