Major Music Production: “I Am Not A Terrorist”

Irwin Theatre, Beirut campus

The LAU Mosaic Ensemble presents a major music production entitled “I Am Not A Terrorist”.

The performances, to be held on April 19 and 20, will comprise experimental music written and directed by Martin Loyato.

Word of the Director

“I Am Not a Terrorist” is an experimental performance, in which I intend to arouse thoughts and feelings that might create a constructive awareness of today’s current international sociopolitical situation. One can see how Middle Eastern individuals have been mistreated and misjudged by the West just because they were born in these lands.

The topic is not clearly a black and white one. There are important questions that one should be able to ask to oneself and analyze. This does not mean that terrorism should be acceptable, because it is not. The intention of the show is to at least make the audience, throughout an experimental performance, discuss and reflect upon what creates the environment for these sorts of behaviors and the aftermath of the equation, without forgetting the significance of the human being component from the three sides; the West, the Middle East and the terrorist groups. Why do they react that way? Is it due to power, oil, religion, culture, illiteracy, privilege and oppression, or just dominion strategies of fear?

By combining multimedia, lightmapping, poetry, music and dance, I set to engage the audience with the question of authenticity, truth, perception and reality.”

Artistic Team

Sandra Azki: Voice, Percussion & Sound Sculptures Instrument
Karl Bou Rjely: Guitar & Electronics
Nadine Daouk: Voice, Dancer & Choreography
Lynn El Jbeily: Voice & Piano
Omar Hamadeh: Voice & Choreography
Mortada Hariri: Oud
Majd Khiami: Voice & Sound Sculptures Instrument
Natalie Maalouf: Voice, Percussion & Choreography
Rayan Najd: Voice & Piano
Mohammed Zahzah: Clarinet, Electric Guitar, Electronics
Martín Loyato; Trumpet, Percussion & Sound Sculptures Instruments
Ali Fakih: Videographer
Rayan Chehab: Videographer & Editor
Mira Zebib: Motion/Kinetic Typography
Ramy Inaty: Lightmapping
Khaled Abijomaa: Sound Engineer

Tickets at L.L. 10,000 available at Gulbenkian Ticket Booth
Tel: 01-78 64 64 / 03-79 13 14 ext. 1172