Theater Production Wasafuli al-Sabr

Masrah al Madina, Beirut

Wasafuli al-Sabr (translated into English as I am Waiting for You) is the first dramatic first dramatic staging of Arab women’s experience with cancer. Based on interviews with real-life female cancer patients from the Arab world, the play answers taboo questions such as: What does “it feel like” to have cancer? How does it impact one’s relationship with oneself and with others – doctors, husbands, lovers, children, fellow sufferers? Why do we insist on perceiving it as “end-of-life” narrative rather than a journey toward recovery?

The production is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, UK and as part of their Open World Research Initiative,  Durham University, UK and by the Lebanese American University.


Soha Choucair  (LAU alumna)

Hiba Abu Sleiman (LAU alumna)

Dima Al Ansari (LAU alumna)

Aliya Khalidi (LAU alumna- LAU faculty)

Lina Abyad (LAU faculty)

Marianne Maroum (LAU faculty)

May Ogden Smith

Nama’ el Ward

Seif Ahmad


Set Design: Rim Ahmad (LAU student) and Noura Nassar (LAU alumna)

Light Design: Alaa Minawi (LAU alumnus - LAU faculty)

Poster design: (LAU alumnus - LAU faculty)

Trailer and video: Soha Choucair (LAU alumna - LAU faculty)


The World Premiere will take place on Friday July 21, 2017 at 8:30 p.m.

The play will be performed on July 22 and from July 25 to 30 included at 8:30 p.m.


Tickets sold at Librairie Antoine and on