Book Launch: “Les Fossiles du Liban - Mémoire du Temps”

Campus de l’Innovation et du Sport, Université Saint-Joseph, Damascus Road, Beirut

The Center for Lebanese Heritage (CLH @LAU) is launching of its new important publication: the Arabic version of “Les Fossiles du Liban”, a famous international book originally published in Paris (in 2003), translated into English “The Fossils in Lebanon” (in 2012), and here is its Arabic translation published now in Lebanon by LAU (CLH publications).

The event will be attended by LAU President Joseph Jabbra, Ph.D., Author Pierre Abi Saad, Translator Dany Azar, Ph.D., and Founder of “Mim Museum” Salim Edde. 

The book launch is followed by a tour around the museum to look at the masterpieces of minerals and fossils, as well as documentaries.

A free copy of the book will be distributed on the audience by the CLH.