Breaking Data Elitism in the Arab Region, The Role of the Arab Development Portal

AKSB 904, Beirut campus

The Department of Economics, in collaboration with the Arab Development Portal (ADP), is hosting a presentation titled, “Breaking Data Elitism in the Arab Region: The Role of the Arab Development Portal” by Farah Choucair, project manager and technical specialist at UNDP Regional Bureau for Arab States.


Data and knowledge resources on development issues in the Arab region are often outdated, unreliable, and fragmented across multiple international, regional, and local sources. When available, access to credible and official data is burdensome. By having access to data, individuals, firms, and communities can become more actively and meaningfully engaged in rethinking development policies, conducting evidence-based research, taking fact-based positions, or leading on entrepreneurial initiatives, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of their countries and regions.

The Arab Development Portal (ADP) was launched on 25 April 2016 as a bilingual data warehouse and knowledge platform that offers timely and high quality data and knowledge on key development topics in the Arab region. It aspires to act as an active mediator between data producers and data users.