Exploration Workflow In Frontier Basins, the Case Study of the Levant Basin Offshore Lebanon

CHSC Auditorium, Byblos campus

The School of Engineering is hosting a seminar, as part the SOE Research Seminar Series, titled: “Exploration Workflow In Frontier Basins: the Case Study of the Levant Basin Offshore Lebanon” by Dr. Ramadan Ghalayini, exploration consultant and project manager at the Lebanese Petroleum Administration and the Ministry of Energy and Water.

The Levant basin is emerging as a world-class, deepwater gas province. More than 70 tcf of natural gas were discovered so far in this region. The discovery of giant reservoirs in the southern Levant and south of Eratosthenes, namely the Leviathan and Zohr, attests to the increasing potential of this area. Emerging new plays, such as the Carbonate reef buildups, and the un-explored Lebanese offshore, point that additional discoveries are very possible in the future.
The Levant basin offshore Lebanon is considered as a frontier basin resulting in high exploration risk. This risk is mitigated by a dense coverage of 2D and 3D seismic data covering up to 85 % of the Lebanese exclusive offshore economic zone. Still, the lack of well data causes large uncertainties and increases the risk of exploration. In this presentation, the uncertainties associated with exploration will be discussed with examples from the Levant Basin offshore Lebanon. The results of numerous studies which have been performed to better understand the geology of the region, will be shown.
All are welcome to attend.