Certificate Distribution Ceremony: Leadership Certification Program

Outreach and Leadership Academy (OLA) – Solidere

The Outreach and Civic Engagement Unit (OCE) at LAU is holding the Certificate Distribution Ceremony of the Leadership Certification Program in the presence of Mrs. Bahia Hariri and Dr. Joseph Jabbra.
The Leadership Certification Program “ACCOMPLISHED”, consists of 12 innovative, hands-on, creative, interactive, dynamic, participatory, and invigorating workshops, tailored for Civic Societies and Public Sectors. The program took place from October 11, 2017 until December 12, 2017 and was attended by 57 participants from 32 NGOs.
The Leadership Certification Program “ACCOMPLISHED” also included:
  •       Roundtable discussions about special leadership topics;
  •       Testimonials by renowned leaders in various fields of expertise;
  •       Activities that allow the participants to experiment with innovative leadership ideas and concepts;
  •       Audio visual learning material;
  •       Videotaping of role play and interactive simulation.