Love your Imperfections

Fountain area, Byblos campus

This awareness campaign will shed the light on the dangers of dieting and its consequences. In fact, eating disorders (ED) including anorexia nervosa (AN), bulimia nervosa (BN) and binge eating disorder (BED) are now among the most severe mental disorders in adolescents and young adults. They usually coexist with depression, substance abuse, and/or anxiety disorders.

The results of recent Lebanese studies published by Rita Doumit, Ph.D. and Nadine Zeeni, Ph.D. showed that Lebanese students are vulnerable to developing an ED. The studies also indicated a high risk for ED in Lebanese youth. Therefore, spreading awareness is crucial as early detection through college-based screening can help adolescents get treatment at a young age and prevent worsening of their physical and psychological status.

The event will feature a poster exhibition, workshop on the dangers of dieting and eating disorders, Zumba class, and fashion show.