Reclaiming Human Rights Education: The Case of the Occupied West Bank

AKSB 904, Beirut campus

The Department of Education at LAU is hosting a lecture titled: “Reclaiming Human Rights Education: The Case of the Occupied West Bank” by Dr. Mai Abu Moghli.

Abstract: For practitioners and educators who work in the fields of human rights, civics, peace education and other related subjects, there is a general position and understanding that Human Rights Education (HRE) is an essential tool for people to change their reality. HRE is considered as a tool to identify and resist sources and structures of oppression and to claim rights. However, this position and understanding does not hold true in contexts where the subalterns, the oppressed and the colonized are being ‘educated’ on how to respect rather than claim human rights; and when considering human rights as only those embedded under the umbrella of the international human rights regime.

The lecture will focus on three main aspects:

  • The sources of influence that shape HRE in Palestinian Authority (PA) schools in the Occupied West Bank
  • The perceptions of teachers and students in PA schools in the Occupied West Bank about human rights in general and HRE in particular
  • How HRE inform students’ engagement in social and/or political activism in the Occupied West Bank

Biography: Dr. Mai Abu Moghli holds a PhD in Human Rights Education from UCL Institute of Education and an MA in Human Rights from the University of Essex. Her research covers human rights education in conflict contexts, teacher professional development (TPD) in crisis and emergencies, refugee education and  education policies and identity. She is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate at the RELIEF Centre/UCL. As a fellow of the Arabic Council for Social Sciences, her host institute is the Centre for Lebanese Studies at LAU.