Mapping Creativity: The Journey of an Idea

WKSC 201, Beirut campus

The Department of Art & Design is hosting a lecture titled: “Mapping Creativity: The Journey of an Idea” by Karen Heard.

In this lecture, London College of Fashion academic, Karen Heard, will explore how ideas evolve into products - be they fashion, accessories, or products. Inspiration comes from everywhere and depends on our ability to perceive the potential in the mundane and everyday things we generally ignore.

Successful designers are those who are constantly curious about the world in which they live and work. The question is: How open to new ideas are you?

Karen Heard is an imaginative and quirky Fashion Educator with an extensive lecturing career across Fashion and Textiles courses from Foundation to Postgraduate.

As an International Academic, Karen works with students globally to select some to study at UAL. She also delivers workshops, seminars, lectures, and tutorials.

Karen draws on a range of industry experiences across Fashion and Textiles to provide unique and forward thinking conceptual design solutions. She has been involved with pioneering textile techniques, design and development, range planning and production, as well as marketing and promotion, across the industry.

She is committed to developing her practice and continues to investigate fashion and textiles-based research.

Karen is qualified at Postgraduate level in Fashion & Textiles.