Resonance with Cynthia Zaven

Zakhem 505, Byblos campus

The School of Architecture & Design is hosting a lecture titled: “Resonance” by Cynthia Zaven.

Cynthia Zaven is a composer, pianist and artist based in Beirut. Her projects combine a variety of media to explore the relationship between sound, memory and identity through interwoven narratives. 

Works include Untuned Piano Concerto With Delhi Traffic Orchestra (performance, 2006), Morse Code Composition (Soundworks, ICA, 2012), and more recently, Perpetuum Mobile, a 12-channel sound installation that was exhibited within the Temple of Bacchus, at the World Heritage site of Baalbek and nominated for the Prix Ars Electronica Award, 2017.

Her music has been published by the Berlin based label Staalplaat. She is currently a professor of classical piano at the Higher National Conservatory of Music in Beirut.