Marine Ecosystem Recovery through Artificial Reef

WKSC 504, Beirut campus & Science Building 608, Byblos campus

The Chemistry Program at the Department of Natural Sciences is organizing a seminar titled: “Marine Ecosystem Recovery through Artificial Reef” by Dr. Myrna Semaan, Ph.D.


“Marine Ecosystem Recovery through Artificial Reef” is the last project that I developed for the Friends of Nature NGO, and Dr. Myrna Semaan is the ecologist on board.

The objective of the project  is to rehabilitate the natural system of our sea and to improve sea productivity. This will be achieved through installing at sea particularly designed structures made of concrete, called artificial reef, to become homes for fish where fish live, hide and lay their eggs safely. The structures create places for all other beings of the sea to live and grow and offer food to fish, so the whole marine ecosystem will be revived.

The project will be installed in the Bay of Jounieh where 200 of our structures will be deployed at the appropriate depths (15-30m below sea level). It will be beneficial for the fish stock, the fishermen, the fisheries, the economic sector around fish, and the tourism sector. The created reef will become the first underwater protected area and will attract underwater ecotourism.

The lecture will expose the stages of the project and the uniquely designed artificial reef structures and their ecological benefits.