Nutrition and Healthy Aging

AKSOB 903, Beirut campus

The Nutrition Program at the Department of Natural Sciences is hosting a symposium on nutrition and healthy aging.

Scientists from Lebanon and abroad will present the latest findings on the impact of nutrition in modulating the aging process and its associated diseases.

Speakers and Talks

  • Cecilia Samieri, PhD – Senior Researcher, INSERM U1219 The role of diet on influencing the etiology of brain diseases and in particular Alzheimer’s disease and dementia
  • Georges Karam, MD – Assistant Professor at the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology, St. George Hospital University Medical Center The prevalence of cognitive decline and mental disorders among Lebanese older adults and access to care in Lebanon
  • Sama Sleiman, PhD – Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, LAU – The effects of physical activity on the brain health
  • Rafah Aboulhosn, PharmD – Clinical Assistant Professor-Pharmacy Practice, LAU – The role of polypharmacy in the healthy aging of older adults, and nutrition and drug interactions in this population
  • Berna Rahi, PhD – Visiting Assistant Professor of Nutrition, LAU – The role of nutrition in helping older adults maintaining their physical performance and independence

Free registration at the door.

For more information please send an email to or call 01 786 456 ext. 2037.