Time Management and Study Skills – Byblos

Frem Civic Center, Rooms 203/204, Byblos campus

As part of the Professional Development Series, a presentation on Time Management and Study Skills will help students with the following:

  • How to divide a semester
  • How to read a syllabus 
  • Converting credits into study hours 
  • How to have a balanced semester
  • How to use brain mechanisms to enhance the learning experience
  • How to set a plan that they can follow
  • How to establish goals and sub-goals 
  • What to do when they’re procrastinating
  • Time management before, during and after an exam


Hassan Baalbaki is a certified professional career coach from the Professional Association of Résumé Writers and Career Coaches in Florida, US, with more than 7 years’ experience in coaching and working with university students. He is currently the Lead Career Advisor at LAU, Byblos campus.
Hassan is also a PhD candidate in Political Science and holder of a Master of Laws in International Law from the University of Edinburgh.