Personal Branding (Digital and Offline) Workshop

AKSOB 903, Beirut campus

As part of the Professional Development Series, this workshop is aimed at improving students’ employability by enhancing their “me brand” across all core and relevant channels. The objective of the workshop is to develop attractive personal storytelling revolving around one’s own personal brand, which would maximize the job searcher’s discoverability, impact, and ultimately her/his overall employability.


Dr. Zahy Ramadan is an LAU alumnus and an assistant professor of marketing at the Adnan Kassar School of Business. He holds a Doctor of Business Administration from the University of Manchester and is also a Chartered Marketer with 18 years’ work experience in the Near-East, Arabian Peninsula and Asia-Pacific markets. His research is focused on the omni-channel consumer journey, social media saturation, online brand-consumer relationships, technological innovations in the retail industry and shopper marketing.

Dr. Ramadan’s teaching philosophy is based on providing students with an immersive and dynamic learning experience through his implementation of the Harvard Business School case method teaching at LAU and his development of interactive case studies that are taught at both graduate and undergraduate levels.