Urban Bodies in the Cityscape of Cairo: Passion, Despair and Entanglement

NICOL 406, Beirut campus & Block A 711, Byblos campus (by video conference)

The Department of Social Sciences and the Interdisciplinary Gender Studies Program are organizing a lecture by Dr. Maria Frederika Malmström on Urban Bodies in the Cityscape of Cairo: Passion, Despair and Entanglement. 

The talk focuses on how intense experiences during the January 25 revolts in 2011 and onward are connected to the city of Cairo, to artifacts, and to other bodies in a certain way, in which the effects of public affect are transmitted into individual relational bodies, and vise versa. 

Bio: Maria Frederika Malmström is an associate professor in the Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Lund University, where she, in January 2017, started a collaborative research project The Materiality of Suspicion and the Ambiguity of the Familiar: Nigerian and Egyptian Cityscapes together with Professor Mark LeVine, Dr. Ulrika Trovalla and Eric Trovalla. In January 2018, she started the research project Making and Unmaking Masculinities and Religious Identities through the Politics of the Ear in Egypt. She is currently a visiting professor in the Department of Anthropology at Columbia University, New York City.