Electronic Waste: An Underestimated yet Valuable Resource for the Circular Economy

AKSOB 903, Beirut campus

The Department of Natural Sciences at the School of Arts and Sciences is organizing a seminar by Dr. Gaby Kassab on Electronic Waste: An Underestimated yet Valuable Resource for the Circular Economy. 

Bio: Dr. Gaby Kassab, president of Ecoserv, is an industrial engineer by formation, with an MS in Economics, and a PhD in Strategic Planning from Columbia University. He held CEO and regional director positions throughout his long career with leading international Telco and IT corporations. His extensive technology related experience spanned over many years and provided him a deep understanding of the electronics ecosystem, their environmental impact, and the challenge of proper end-of-life ecologic recycling/disposal of such equipment.

Synopsis: The harms of e-waste disposal in the environment are currently misunderstood by a large majority of the Lebanese population. However, safe and ecologically friendly disposal methods where materials such as plastic, metals and electronic components are recovered and sent to recycling facilities are positively contributing to the environment and to the circular economy. 

In this respect, e-waste is considered as an opportunity and not a burden through recycling and urban mining in the rising circular economy system where its crucial to reduce waste quantities and retain the value of used material especially within the fastest growing waste stream in the world.