International Mother Language Day Roundtable Discussion

Wadad Sabbagh Khoury Student Center Level 5, LAU Beirut Campus

Time Topic
12:00 p.m.

Welcoming note by SINARC

  • A word by Dr. Darina Saliba Abi Chedid, Director of the International Centre for Human Sciences - UNESCO
12:30 - 1:45 p.m. Panel discussion moderated by Dr. Vahid Behmardi,  Associate Professor of Arabic and Persian Literature and Chair of the Department of Humanities
  • Is our mother tongue modern standard Arabic or dialect?
    لغتي الأم :العربية الفصحى أو العاميه؟

    Presented by:
    • Dr. Loubna Dimachki, Associate Professor and Head of the department of French Linguistics at the Center for Language Sciences and Communication at the Lebanese University
    • Dr. Ali Naserddine, Associate Professor of Arabic Linguistics and Head of the Department of Arabic Linguistics at the Center for Language Sciences and Communication (CSLC), and Lecturer at the Center for Languages and Translation, Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Lebanese University/ SINARC instructor, LAU 
  • What is the mother tongue language for bilingual people?
    Presented by Ms. Sara Ammar, SINARC Instructor, LAU
  • Is an expatriate’s identity shaped by the language spoken in their native country of the country of residence? How? 
    Presented by Dr. Charleine Saad Elias, Researcher and Lecturer in Communication
  • How does immigration and displacement affect our mother language (e.g. Armenians, Palestinians, and Migrant Domestic Workers in Lebanon)? 
    Presented by Ms. Noha Roukoss, Project Awareness Officer at Caritas Lebanon
1:45 p.m. Lunch, networking reception and international students fair

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