Build your Business Strategy on Social Media including Facebook and Instagram


Learning outcomes:

  1. Better understand how Facebook works
  2. Business2Customer Journey 
  3. Design Facebook Ads 
  4. Best practices to grow Instagram Network
  5. Facebook / Instagram Leads

Ameed Awad is a master trainer at Google MENA Dubai Offices – Maharat Min Google Program, and a freelance international digital marketing coach in the MENA region. He has conducted more than 40 training workshops in Digital Marketing and Branding in six cities (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Amman, Muscat, Ramallah and Riyadh). Awad has worked with INFORMA-MENA Dubai, GOOGLE MENA Dubai, IITI Muscat and other organizations

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Mr. Awad will issue certificates for attendees under his consulting registered name “Ameed Awad” International Digital Trainer.