“Knowledge Unlocked” - The Status of the Real Estate Sector in Lebanon and the Global Effect of COVID-19 on this Sector

Online Via Webex

Like many sectors in Lebanon, real estate has been greatly impacted by the collapse of the country’s economy. While on the one hand many can no more afford loan payments, others have turned to this market to safeguard their savings. The Covid-19 pandemic came in with an additional set of challenges.

What exactly is happening? What is at stake? Mr. Walid Moussa has been invited by LAU Continuing Education to give us a clear idea of the challenges and opportunities facing this sector.

Mr. Moussa is the President of the Real Estate Syndicale of Lebanon, World President of the International Real Estate Federation for 2019-2020, as well as the Founding President of FIABCI Arabic Countries and the President of the Real Estate Syndicate of Lebanon (REAL).

This webinar is part of the LAU “Knowledge Unlocked” webinar series.

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