SoAS Research Seminar Series: Flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Networks

Online via Webex

“How can Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) serve as flying base stations to deliver Internet connectivity?” In her lecture, LAU Associate Professor of Computer Science Sanaa Sharafeddine will address this question and other related ideas, as part of the School of Arts and Sciences Research Seminar Series.

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In this seminar, we will present an overview of wireless cellular network evolution towards 5G and highlight key performance characteristics and future use cases. In particular, we will focus on the transformative role of UAVs to enable enhanced Internet connectivity, edge intelligence, remote sensing, and tactile services. This is facilitated by the ability of operators to control dynamically the locations and trajectories of UAVs serving as flying base stations and distributed computing devices. Realizing these opportunities in practice requires identifying and addressing a broad range of research and development challenges.   


Dr. Sanaa Sharafeddine works in the general area of wireless networks with focus on UAV-aided communications, edge computing, device-to-device cooperation, and multimedia services. She has served on the editorial boards of Elsevier Ad Hoc Networks, IEEE Access, and IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications – Series on Network Softwarization and Enablers. She received the International Rising Talent Award in 2015, L’Oreal-UNESCO Pan-Arab Regional Fellowship Award in 2013, and elevated to a senior member of the IEEE in 2010.