The Phoenician Language

Online via Webex

The LAU Louis Cardahi Foundation, in collaboration with the Tourist Guide Syndicates and the Phoenicians’ Route-Cultural Route of the Council of Europe will be holding a webinar on The Phoenician Language with speaker Hassan El-Zein. Main topics will include:

  • What is Phoenicia?
  • The 4 “dialects” of Phoenician Language
  • Current words of Phoenician origin
  • The 22 Phoenician letters illustrated
  • Grammar in the Phoenician language
    1. Definite Article 
    2. Prepositions 
    3. Demonstrative pronouns 
    4. Personal Pronouns
    5. Verbal Systems

About the speaker:

Hassan El-Zein was the official trainer in the Mediterranean (Train-The-Trainers) for the Phoenician Trails, Mare Nostrum, EuroMed … He gave many seminars in relation to the Phoenicians and their respective language at USJ and Sagesse university (Faculty of Hospitality Management). He has taught at Lebanese University, USJ, Sagesse, NDU and other prestigious institutions.

To participate, click on the this link