Phoenician Foreign Policies

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The conference is based on the latest studies about the foreign policy of the Phoenician city-states. The lecturer will give a new interpretation of some sources, such as the tale of Wenamun dated in 1075 BC; moreover, he will put also the new archeological finds in Huelva dated in the beginning of 10th century BC in their historical context. In plus, the lecturer will elaborate the geopolitical configuration of the Levant during the first millennium BC, through the Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, and the Persians conquests. Therefore, the lecturer will shed the light on the impact of these conquests on the Phoenician city-states. The presentation of all these info from a new and different perspective will allow the participants to acquire an overall view about the Phoenician foreign policies in the course of the first millennium BC. 
Marc Abou-Abdallah holds a Ph.D in Middle Eastern ancient history from university La Sorbonne in Paris. He has an extensive experience in teaching and research. He is an assistant professor at many Lebanese universities. He has many publications about the Phoenician history, and for more accurate about Byblos History. His thesis under the title of “L’histoire du royaume de Byblos à l’âge du Fer 1080-333” was published in 2018 by Studia Phoenician in Leven.
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