Connect Successfully in a Virtual World


If you are a leader with a team to coach, a team member with a role to fulfill or colleagues to cooperate with, a student with objectives to reach or a teacher to influence, a parent with kids to raise…the powerful techniques you will learn in this session will make life easier, effective and enjoyable!
Join us to have less stress and conflict, and more success!
Learning Objectives:
  • Diagnose what makes you stand out based on your style!
  • Quickly assess how other people prefer to communicate for more influence and connection
  • How to get maximum input and feedback over a virtual platform
  • Understanding what drives people to move towards you or away from you in your interactions and more!
Rita Diab Doumit, MBA, is an LAU alumna and a highly talented Senior Consultant with 14 years of practical experience in the Learning and Development field with one of the leading consulting firms ‘Starmanship & Associates’.
Rita has extensive international experience in the training and development area in different topics such as coaching, leadership, productivity, sales and service management. During her career, she had the opportunity to facilitate programs and coach different teams in several industries such as Banking, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Hospital, Manufacturing, FMCG, Hospitality/Restaurant, Advertising, Telecommunications, Education and Associations, etc. In addition to her work in Lebanon, she has had significant experience working in Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Nigeria, Yemen & Tanzania.
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