Research Seminar Series: Scientific Literacy for Democracy and Social Justice

Online via Webex

The School of Arts and Sciences is organizing a talk by LAU Associate Professor of Education Hagop Yacoubian on scientific literacy for democracy and social justice. The event is part of the school’s Research Seminar Series. 
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Abstract: In his talk, Dr. Yacoubian will reflect on the research journey that he has taken over the years trying to understand what scientific literacy is, what it entails, and how scientifically literate citizens can be prepared. Through presenting a synthesis of his previously published work, Dr. Yacoubian elucidates a vision of scientific literacy and that of preparing scientifically literate citizens. He will discuss how future citizens can be guided in science classrooms of secondary schools as well as in liberal science courses at universities to explore science-based social issues. He will also shed the spotlight on the role of scholarship in history, philosophy, and sociology of science as being integral in the preparation of scientifically literate citizens. Drawing upon several examples, Dr. Yacoubian will illustrate how future citizens can be empowered in science courses to develop a critical mindset, practice engaging in democratic decision-making processes, and become advocates of social justice. The talk will conclude with suggestions for collaborative research as well as recommendations for policy and practice.