Research Seminar Series: Media Systems in the MENA

Online via Zoom

The School of Arts and Sciences is organizing a talk on media systems in the Middle East and North Africa delivered by LAU Assistant Professor of Multimedia Journalism Claudia Kozman. 

Click here to attend the talk. 

Abstract: The media in any given country do not operate in a vacuum. Rather, they are a product of various influences that combine to shape the different roles these media play. Among them, the political system, technology and infrastructure, economy, and culture have a significant impact on the media in the Middle East and North Africa. Although these media are considered tightly controlled, there exist many nuances that differentiate them from their neighbors. To understand the media systems in the region, this lecture provides an overview of political developments, technological advancements, media ownership patterns, and societal norms, and highlights the roles that governmental policies and constitutional laws play in shaping traditional and digital media today.