The 3rd Athena40 Global Conversation: “Female Leadership in Times of Crises”


The theme of the Athena40 Global Conversation this year will focus on ‘Female Leadership in Times of Crises’. The AiW is co-hosting the Beirut panel.


Speakers and topics to be discussed:

  • Mia Atoui, Co-Founder of Embrace Lebanon, will talk about her work on the ground with Embrace Lebanon and share how mental health is being dealt with in Lebanon, especially with what the country is going through from the Beirut blast, to the economic crises, and the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Amani Beaini, Peace Activist, will share her experience as a peace activist, how she managed along with several activists to stop works on the Bisri dam, and the challenges she went through. Moreover, she will also share her personal experience as a woman- as she might have faced some challenges or discriminatory practices because of the patriarchal society we live in.
  • Youmna Makhlouf, Lawyer and Researcher, will share her experience from a legal perspective. She will talk about the discriminatory laws against women and marginalized groups in Lebanon and her activism through the work that she does to counter that, shedding light on the pandemic and how it has affected the violations and the work to counter them.
  • Carol Mansour, Prize-winning Lebanese Documentary Filmmaker, Ms. Mansour will share her personal experience molding discrimination into audio-visual material and uncovering very many thematic issues that affect women. She will give her input being an activist and a filmmaker witnessing what Lebanon is going through and especially talking about her documentary dealing with the pandemic and the Beirut blast.
  • Diana Moukalled, Journalist and Co-Founder of Daraj Media, will share her experience, being a journalist and co-founder of Daraj media, in generating media material on the 2019 uprising, the Beirut blast, and the challenges faced due to COVID-19 pandemic as well as the economic crises. She will also discuss the work of the coalition to defend freedom of expression in Lebanon that she is part of and recount how she is countering the backlash she personally is experiencing against her freedom to cover the developments objectively.

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