Research Seminar Series: Realistic Mathematics Education – The Case of Inquiry Based Learning

Online via Zoom

The School of Arts and Sciences invites you to a lecture by SoAS Assistant Dean Samer Habre, who will be presenting on Realistic Mathematics Education - The Case of Inquiry Based Learning

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Abstract: It is generally recognized that the teaching of mathematics is done in the traditional lecture mode where students passively watch instructors lecture and they are tasked to solve problems by working mostly individually. This mode of delivery is being revisited because students feel detached from the learning process. A significant number of university mathematics educators are developing more effective and innovative curricula and instructional practices. One such practice is Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) where emphasis is placed on students’ reinvention of concepts. IBL is rooted in the instructional design theory of Realistic Mathematics Education (RME), which rejects the predominant idea of Math as a ready-made system to be presented and memorized by students. Rather, mathematics is an activity of discovery and an interplay of content and form. This presentation elaborates on these instructional theories and reports on an experimental differential equations class taught at LAU.