Bits to Atoms


Guillaume Crédoz is an international figure in a network of FabLabs around the world. These labs formulate and build innovative, technologically advanced solutions. In his lab, he has the most advanced digital fabrication tools in Lebanon.
Bits to Atoms is an international architecture office led by Guillaume Crédoz. Its practice is based on a unique creative agility, backed by twenty years of experience, to provide adequate strategies for technologically advanced built solutions. He produces meaningful buildings that are designed in all their details. A notable particularity of his practice is the intensive use of scale models fabricated in his lab, from early massing tests to 1:1 mock up of construction systems.
Crédoz’s practice targets innovative solutions and thus maintains a high pace of research and creation within the core of his practice. His research covers fields of digital fabrication, robotics, and materials. His FabLab is equipped for ceramic, metal, wood, and plastics.
Guillaume Crédoz has a DPLG from Nantes/Grenoble (France) Architecture Schools. He studied Environmental Design at the Université du Québec à Montréal, where he also lectured. He was also guest lecturer at the Université de Montréal for a Conception in Architecture Workshop, and a resident artist at the Société des arts technologiques.
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