The Wonderful World of Rana Salam


Rana Salam is one of Beirut’s most acclaimed designers. She has described these designers as “passionate and proud of their country, and keen to display their creativity and resilience.”
Her signature style is inspired by the Middle East’s popular culture. Her artistic intention is to project the Middle East in a fresh, engagingly positive light, despite – and perhaps even because of – Lebanon’s political drama.
She is inspired by the streets of Beirut. Her part in the rebuilding of the country after the Port Blast is to promote its culture. She sees design as key to making the Lebanese product internationally recognized. She wants to embed the “massive expression of hope” she finds in Beirut to the country and to the world.
Rana Salam STUDIO was launched in London in 2000, and ten years later she relocated it to Beirut.  Crossing cultures, the London-educated, Beirut-born designer creates visuals by merging art and design.
She pursued her BA in Graphic Design at Central St. Martins, to follow this with an MA in Visual Communication and Art Direction from the Royal College of Art.
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