Recruitment Presentation: Gray Makenzie Retail Lebanon SAL


Students and Fresh Graduates,

If you are interested in a career in retail management, join Mr. Elie Ghantous, Training and Development Manager, and Ms. Cynthia Challita, Human Resources Officer at Gray Mackenzie Retail Lebanon SAL to gain insight on the:

  • Gray Mackenzie Retail Academy
  • Retail Management Trainee Program
  • Benefits, requirements, training process, and employment opportunities available within the program

More information on the “Retail Management Trainee Program”.

Confirm your attendance, and submit your CV to the training program through the LAU International Career Portal. Click on “Jobs” then type “Gray Mackenzie Retail Lebanon SAL” in the search box.

Join the session

Meeting ID: 924 6557 7811
Passcode: J9gexf