Entrepreneurship: Lessons to Learn


Being an entrepreneur is a challenging but exciting journey. Join Ms. Randa Farah, the founder and manager of ihavelearned Academy. By the end of the session, you will discover the Top 10 Lessons Learned from the  journey of an entrepreneur. 

Randa Farah is an HR Specialist, Organisational Psychologist, University Instructor. She is the founder of ihavelearned Academy (School of Life) & (Calendar for Events). She holds the following certificates:
Certified Trainer from the UK, Master NLP Practitioner,
Certified Happiness at Work Expert from Denmark,
Stress Management & Personal Growth Specialist.

Randa worked for many years in HR Management in various multinational companies in different industries. She holds 3 university degrees: HR, Organizational Psychology & Business Advertising and Marketing.
In addition to being a corporate trainer, Randa is an instructor of HR & Organizational Psychology at USJ for more than 10 years.

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