The Beirut Marathon Medical Training: What to Expect and What to do?


The Continuing Medical Education Office at the Lebanese American University invites you to attend this special lecture:

Presented by: 
Rachid Rahme, MD, FRCS, Chief of Section, Department of Internal Medicine/Emergency Medicine, Field Medical Director of the Beirut Marathon on Sunday November 14, 2021

Moderated by: 
Mariana Helou, MD, Division Head, Department of Internal Medicine/Emergency Medicine

During this special lecture, Dr. Rahme will shed light on the most common and important conditions that might present to the medical tents during the Beirut Marathon. The most observed conditions usually vary from exercise associated collapse, to heat-related illnesses, to exertional hyponatremia, to cardiac arrest and even stress fractures. These injuries and their initial treatment approaches will be discussed.

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Event number: 2372 685 3439
Event password: agVPRc4e488

One CME/CPD credit will be granted for attending this special lecture. Attendance via WebEx will be recorded by the CME Office.