Resilience in Extreme Contexts

Online via Webex

The Alumni Relations Office and LAU Continuing Education invite you to a webinar on “Resilience in Extreme Contexts” under the Keep Learning alumni lecture series.

Session Program

Organizations can be at risk of becoming overwhelmed by extreme circumstances or contexts. Join us in our upcoming webinar and discover how to boost your performance even under such conditions.

The session will cover:

  • What is an extreme event? What are extreme contexts?
  • What is your identity and what are your roles?
  • Adapting to extreme contexts
  • Bringing out your best and the best of others in extreme contexts

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About the Speaker

Rabee Fares is a global leadership and business advisor who considers himself a lifelong learner. He is the founder of International Business Empowerment & Education (IBEE).
He is researching the topic of leadership in extreme contexts at ESA/IAE Nice as an Executive DBA candidate (2024). He holds an MBA from Leicester University in the UK, and a Computer Communication Engineering certificate from AUB.

He has a passion for empowering ambitious leaders and the qualifications to put that into practice as a certified executive coach, licensed Profile XT assessor, and Genos emotional intelligence practitioner.

Rabee is a global award winner, distinguished for his exceptional achievements in strategy and business development. He has over 27 years of global experience in creating winning strategies and executing them, successfully leading corporate organizations in challenging markets, advising entrepreneurs, SMEs, and business owners in fast moving industries. He brings a synergistic blend of executive and market experience in more than 60 countries with his top-notch education and research pursuits.

Currently, Rabee dedicates most of his time to contribute to Lebanese and regional ecosystem pick-up, development and growth, in addition to his international contribution in consulting, global educational institutions, SMEs and individuals. He is also leading a national incubator for startups and SMEs assisting in go-to-market strategies and in scaling up.