You, Students, and the Multimedia Classroom

Online via Webex

The School of Arts and Sciences (SoAS) invites you to a research seminar titled You, Students, and the Multimedia Classroom, presented by LAU Instructor of English Deema Dakakni. 
This event is part of the SoAS Research Seminar Series. 
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Abstract: The impact of Covid-19 has deeply disturbed the educational sector in a plethora of ways, more so to the detriment of the student. While universities, schools and other educational institutes underwent global lockdown in accordance to unanimous safety measures that necessitated this, both the educational landscape’s requirements and expectancies were shifted to a transformational level. Not only were curricula altered, curtailed and modified to “more manageable outcomes”,  but students were also “short-changed” in the tools used to deliver their learning. Software such as PowerPoint and Zoom left students at a severe disadvantage at the infrastructural, economic and cognitive level, while curtailed course readings were posted on various learning management systems and group project assessments became the common norm.