Reflections on Gender Equality at LAU

Adnan Kassar School of Business 903 - Beirut campus & online via Webex

LAU’s Title IX Office and the Department of Communication, Arts and Languages invite you to a talk titled Reflections on Gender Equality at LAU, presented by Jean Said Makdisi, a respected advocate for gender justice. 

Click here to attend the talk online. 

About the speaker: Makdisi will speak about her time at LAU with a specific focus on gender equality. From 1972 - 1995, Makdisi served as a faculty member at LAU, then Beirut University College, teaching courses in English and Humanities and serving as departmental chair during the Lebanese Civil War. 

About the talk: This timely event with Makdisi coincides with the self-assessment phase of LAU’s inaugural Gender Equality Plan. Makdisi’s talk will be proceeded by introductory comments from Myriam Sfeir, director of the Arab Institute for Women, and Dr. Jennifer Skulte-Ouaiss, chair of the Gender Equality Plan Committee at LAU.