Special Drawing Rights and Lessons for and from Lebanon

Online via Webex

LAU’s Institute for Social Justice and Conflict Resolution at the School of Arts and Sciences invites you to a webinar titled Special Drawing Rights and Lessons for and from Lebanon, with Oxfam’s Policy Lead in Lebanon Dana Abed, and Nabil Abdo, senior policy advisor for Oxfam International’s Washington DC Office.

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Abstract: In the wake of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, the IMF advanced a historic allocation of special drawing rights (SDRs) across the globe. While the allocation of SDRs was a global initiative, it took place in Lebanon within a crisis context, sparking concerns of mismanagement and corruption. The webinar will shed light on the international experiences of SDRs, their intended use, and the global experience of SDRs as well as the particular experience of Lebanon with SDRs. 

About the speakers

  • Dana Abed’s work covers the IMF intervention in Lebanon, democracy and rule of law, feminist and gender issues, and decent working conditions. Dana is also involved in campaign design and advocacy strategies, covering topics related to inequality and gender justice.
  • Nabil Abdo’s work focuses on the IMF and inequality. Nabil is also a researcher and has focused on austerity policies, unions and labor movements in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and Lebanon, as well as the informal economy and fiscal and socioeconomic policies.